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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Voice of the undermined.

With due reference to the Blank Noise Project ;
I live in Lucknow,the capital of Uttar Pradesh.Admittingly this is the most corrupt state in the whole of India and accepted that the politics here is one of the most volatile in the world.As for the society people might find the men dominating woman more than any else of the states in India ( With Punjab and Kerala as the states where women are most socially respected ).Eve teasing,sexual harresement,incest ( mostly confined to the villages and more often to the Muslims who are uneducated ),rape etc. are all a common sighting here.Believe me if you open the local daily they are filled with reports like these.But tell me what's the point of discussing them at this point of time.Don't we all know that the female to male ratio in the country has hit an all time low in the history ?Don't we know that abortion of a girl child aka female infanticide has become very prevailent and the Government Of India has to ban all these practices,struggling to keep a check on these in order to maintain a natural equilibrium.Even Punjab which I have regarded as the state where women are socially very respected on,has topped the list of this crime against humanity with the female regularly murdered within the white walls of the hospital and the female to male ratio hitting a 5:10 mark.The Government Of India official survey stated that with an exception of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar the female population has lowered in all the states of India ; Punjab and Haryana superceeding the list of defaulters.People may have a low opinion of the society in Uttar Pradesh,retrospect the women in this lath land.But knowing how the females have been treated in other parts of country,isn't Lucknow and Patna the capitals to look upto.


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