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Thursday, March 02, 2006

"Woh toh ladka hai,lekin tum toh samajhdaar ho"

Title Reads : Boys will be boys, but women should be sensible ; source :
Small Towns,read village bound,read Lucknow.The Blank Noise Project has testomonies depicting this disgusting business of sexual harrasement imposed heavily on the gender which we so call it weak.Most of these testomonies are from the woman folks who are using the public transport system on a regular basis.Atleast that's what I could feel from here.Anyways,the question is what is sexual harrasement like in small towns ? It is obvious that the distances between the origin and a detination in small towns is not as large as in Metros thus one is not spending hours and hours moving from one point of the city to the other,the woman/girl is not bound to using public transports such as the DTC Buses,Local Rail etc.Infact woman here tend to use cycle-rickshaws or would rather have their own private scooty's for the movement.But are the woman really safe ? No way ! How ? here's how :
(1) You are 10,15,20,25,30,35,child,teenager,student,newly married,house wife,employeed,non employeed,wearing makeup,not wearing makeup,traditionally dressed,casually dressed,uniformly dressed,with children,without children,sister,daughter,mother,aunt,whatever you are ( the list would go on ) there's no way a man in a road would resist his temptation to look at you in a way he likes.
(2) Touching,fondling,pinching is not a usual action it's rather a phenomenon !
(3) Believe me sexual harresement could be much more disgusting,much more disturbing here in Uttar Pradesh when you read the reports in newspapers about what goes on in the villages and towns as well here ; the extent a man can go to sexually harrass a woman/female when they have unemployment,casteisms ( all the thakurvad and brahminvad ) and dirty politics rampant in the society.You can trust me on that I have been reading it whole of my life and it is really sick !
(4)Woman aren't safe because in the majority of the cases I have heard from my friends,colleagues the molesters are people from family,relatives and friends.
(5)90% of eve teasing cases in normal ordinary life are not spoken/not registered because either the defender is too impulsive or too repulsive when it comes to take action on this issue of sexual harrasement.They even transferred the iron handed S.S.P. unbelievingly on the grounds of politics when he was at best, 'reforming' on the same ( No enhancing the story )
(6)Politics divides man from man,creates ignorance - Unknown ( add for issues like these ) and Uttar Pradesh couldn't get better of it when unproffesionalism is at its best here.

Quote - "In the chemistry laboratory Tiwari 'sir' came to me,said... would you be able to do the same practical in front of the examiner, it to me...when I started pouring the chemical in the test tube he explained.....he started putting his hand near....I said 'sir' behave...." - A friend.


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